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Oh yay, early morning creepiness

Got this message on FB a few minutes ago:

Between You and Harris Cxxxx
February 10 at 4:40am Report
wow........i am certainly speechless....what manner of beauty bestowed on one person. You must have been created on God's resting day.

The name is harris. i was looking perusing through a list of profiles when i found yours. i looked at it carefully and found out that we have lots in common, especially in the area of smiling like no one is watching, as ur picture suggested that. That is a very sexy picture u have there. it reminds me of the likes of the duchess of castle bridge, lady Jane who was made queen of England cos of her charming beauty, most catching enough she was a maid to the former queen Anna Boleyn when King Henry sited her in court (British History...tell u more later)lol. Hope u don't mind my humorous comparatives as i couldn't think of a better comparative than this.hehe. They were all damn beautiful.

what do u say dear??? we could get to know each other more and better...would u like tht?.....chuckling.


Oh, Harris, you smooth-talker, you. How sweet that you were so blown away with my beauty that you either completely overlooked (or chose to ignore) that my status is clearly listed as "married". How can a girl like me resist a FB message at 4:40am from a total stranger wanting to "get to know (her) more and better"?

Reported and blocked him on the spot, was tempted to reply beforehand but that would probably just get me another message from him.

New Blog

You all know I'm the crazy bunny lady, so I might as well make it official:

I've finally decided to make a blog of my own experiences with rabbits and assorted evidence of my status as "crazy bunny lady". It is called "The Zen of Bun" and you can find it here. There will be pictures, videos and stories of Mickey, Karnage and my other previous rabbits, as well as photos of my collection of rabbit stuff. Much of it will be what you've already seen on here, but I hope you'll check it out.

Voicemail strangeness

This one just boggles my mind.

Last week, I woke up to some rather nasty snow on the roads. I was supposed to meet up with my trainer, so I called her cell phone and left her a message cancelling our session. She calls me from the gym to see why I didn't show up--turned out that she was already at the gym with another client and didn't get my earlier message because her phone doesn't work there.

This week, I go to the gym--and my trainer doesn't show up. No biggie, I call her cell phone from the gym and leave her a message again, then go home.

A few hours later, she calls me. She says the reason she didn't come was that she got my message last night cancelling because of the snow.

I tell her I didn't call her last night. She says I had to have called; her phone had rung, but she didn't pick up, and it was my number that showed up as a missed call and my message on her voicemail--and it was definitely last night. I said I called last WEEK and left a cancellation message, not last night.

Now we're both confused.I know she's not lying to me about it, because it doesn't do her any good not to show because she doesn't get paid unless she does, and besides, this is just too bizarre to be a lie. I've heard of emails getting hung up in cyberspace and not getting received until much later, and I've had text messages show up a day after they'd been sent, but I've never had voicemail not show up for a week.

I told her that in the future, I'd leave the date and time in any message I send--that way, she'll know if it's a current message, or a lost one just showing up.

Bury me not at Wounded Knee

Went to doctor's for my usual checkup yesterday. While I was there, I told him about how my left knee has been bothering me for about a month on and off now. This is something I've dealt with in the past from time to time; every so often, my knee will get a little swollen and it feels like there's a lot of pressure around and under my kneecap--no idea what triggers it, and it goes away as mysteriously as it shows up. Exercise helps ease the discomfort somewhat, as long as I don't put major weight or pressure on it.

The doctor took a bunch of X-rays, and said it looks like I have a touch of arthritis in that knee. Nothing to worry about, he said, and the best thing I can do for it is to keep exercising, especially exercises to strengthen the muscles supporting the knee. He gave me a list of exercises to do, which can be found after the cut:

Knee ExercisesCollapse )

If anyone wants a copy of these, let me know and I'll snail-mail you a copy. The actual page has some basic illustrations that might be helpful.

This is not the time to tell me that

Nothing like opening up your email and seeing "URGENT--PLEASE CALL EXPEDIA REGARDING YOUR FLIGHT".

Apparently Delta Air Lines has a 6-year-old running their flight schedule system--a 6-year-old who likes to rearrange things on a daily basis. Since I booked our trip to FL back in Sept., I've already received two notices that my flight details have been changed. Both were minor, however, just a slight shift in a departure time that really didn't make a huge difference.

This time, though, they really went haywire. Not only did they change flight numbers on two of my flights, they changed my return trip flight times into and out of Atlanta so that now I leave Atlanta 15 minutes BEFORE I actually get to Atlanta.

So I get on the phone with Expedia, and fortunately, they are very helpful in setting me up with a new schedule for my flights home. Unfortunately, I now have to leave FL at 7:00am, which means I have to get up at an ungodly hour to get to the airport. I am not thrilled with that, but at least I only had to change one flight to fix everything, and we'll still be getting home at a decent time.

Now I just have to get our seat assignments for the new flight settled and hopefully all will be good--and this had better be the last of these flight changes, or Delta Air Lines is going to be getting an earful.

More bunny cuteness

Posted this at rabbitowners earlier, then decided I needed to share it here:

For the benefit of Mr. Hall

If I lived in NY, I would play this game every day just because of this video. ;)

For the Uwe Boll fans on here


Look for strip #571 if you're reading this after the weekend.

A wee bit of bunny-mum bragging

I entered Mickey's and Karnage's pics in the contest for a spot in the 2010 Bunspace calendar. Checked out the results this morning--and Mickey won a spot with this pic:

This pic will be in one of the photo pages for each month.

Needless to say, I'm quite excited and can't wait until the calendar comes out. I am a little surprised that one of the pics I submitted for Karnage wasn't chosen, though--not that I'm greedy enough to want both of them in the calendar (well, maybe a little ;) ), but because I thought this pic was really calendar-worthy:

How can you pass up that face? :)

Too funny not to post

You've got to give the little fellow credit: he's at least persistent. ;)